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Hello out there

2015-01-25 02:05:58 by 321D0ne

Umm... I suck at intros. lol

Hey all and a shout out to anyone looking for NSFW commissions. I plan on opening em soon and will use NG to post. I like this place. Seems cool. I need some time to get some examples together. Been super busy, but I expect it to clear up soon.


Wish me luck!



Q. Do you have any samples I could look at?

A. Sorry, not yet. Been really busy with other projects, but be patient. They will come (No pun intended? Maybe...)


Q. What is the price range gonna be, you think?

A. Starting prices will look something like:

  • Sketches: $16+
  • Sketch + Lineart: $24+
  • Sketch + Lineart + Color + Cell Shade: $40+


Q. What will or won't you draw?

A. Aside from NO lollis or gore? Just message me and I will let you know if I'll do it. (draw it that is. lol) I will definitely do:

  • -MaleXMale
    -Kemonomimi (human with animal features)
    -Size Play [to an extent]

I won't do because I either am unable to or just won't:

  • -Gore
    -Cub/Child Porn
    -Hyper furs
    -Hard Vore
    -Penile Vore

Anything not listed, let me know and I will let YOU know if I can/am up to it!


Q. The prices are pretty steep. How much are you showing?

A. I will be focusing on thighs to fullbody. Headshots are counted as Add Ons as well as furniture.


Q. What kind of quality?

A. You are looking at a file 2400x3700 to start with and 300dpi. Any purchases include WIP viewings and transparent backgrounds. Sketches are clean and so is the linework.


Q. Delievery times?

A. On a dead day, 24-48 hours. On a busy day, *1 week MAXIMUM.


Q. You mentioned WIPs?

A. That I did. It goes something like this:

  1. Upon agreement and ordering, you will recieve a super rough thumbnail of what I plan to do. If you like where it's headed, we get this show on the road.
  2. Once the sketch is finished, I will email you the sketch (and a color test if applicable). From here, you get a maximum of 1 minor alteration (color, eye direction, expression, etc) and 1 major alteration (head position, limb position, angle changes,etc) for free.
  3. After the sketch phase is to your liking, I will line (if needed) and then color.
  4. When I'm finished, you will recieve an email with the files and wham bam you have an awesome new piece of art for your collection and "not porn" folder!

The faster you approve, the faster I finish (there goes another pun)!


Q. What program are you using?

A. Manga Studio 5EX (which I will forever read as "SEX")

That's it for now, boys, girls and others! See you around and stay tuned!


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2015-01-25 02:24:29

but what if people are broke XD jk